To teach or not to teach grammar in isolation

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To Teach or Not to Teach Grammar in the Primary School Classroom:

That is the Questions.

The teaching of English as a second language is always a hard nut to crack. Besides, learning a second language is different from that of the first language. We learn the first language non-consciously from the day we birth but second language, consciously and laboriously. One of the most important components in English language is grammar. Grammar is a backbone of English language. Teaching grammar can be often a tricky business and one of the most difficult components of a language to teach.

"Should we teach grammar or shouldn't we?" This question is often asked by teachers that may not have clear goals for teaching grammar. Many researches argue that grammar is acquired naturally if learners are exposed to sufficient comprehensible input and that grammar does not need to be taught. Weaver (1996) points out that "Student can learn and apply many grammatical concepts without learning to analyze and label parts of speech and various other grammatical constructions.

While the recognition does not solve all problems in teaching grammar, it can certainly be a starting point for experimenting with other approaches to teaching those aspects of grammar that are most relevant to writing". Some said that grammar is learned not by studying the rules of grammar but by reading and speaking and listening to our parents and friends.

It is time to stop giving grammar a bad name and perspectives because it is a tool that can enhance creativity and also be a wonderful aid for teaching. To master this foreign language, learning grammar is important because it can help us to learn the language more quickly and more efficiently. Some educators believed that teaching can enhance the acquisition of grammar, and help...