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The best teacher that I never had Except my parents and my best friends, the only one person I would never forgot is one of my favorite teachers ¡V Mrs. Yu. She was my Junior High School¡¦s teacher; she always took a good care of me. At the first day of grade 7, she was reading everyone¡¦s name on the paper, then she said: C.C., u had the same family name as me, I have to take care of you. And everyone laughed in the class, so do I.

I don¡¦t know how can I describe about her personality; the only thing I can say is she just like our class mother. She always said: you guys are just like my little boys and girls; I will always take care of you guys and protect you. As you know, our class was really noisy, but we were the #2 best class (on the homework, exams or cleaning the classroom.)

in all grade 7, 8 and 9 (sometimes we were #3 or 4. One grade had 33 classes) Sometimes, even other teacher complained to her that we are too noisy. Sometimes she looked sad because she wants us to do better on everything, not only homework or exams. I remember one day she walked into the class with her tears, all of us didn¡¦t know what¡¦s the matter and why she crying. She said: Your geology teacher said you guys were way too noisy in the class! Why can you behave yourself? Why I am you guy¡¦s teacher? Why do I have to worry about you guys everyday? I am really tired¡K. Than the class was silence. After about 10 minutes we all stood up and very polite said: I am sorry Mrs. Yu, we promise we will change ourselves.