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The one career that I aspire to pursue once I have completed my education is a high school teacher. One of the advantages that I see for myself when pursuing this career is that high school teachers are able to specialize in a specific subject. The subject that I wish to specialize in is music. In todays society, it is very difficult to find teaching positions. Females especially find it difficult to seek positions because there is a high supply of female teachers but school boards have a high demand for male teachers. This would give me an advantage over a female graduate who has the same credentials as I. School boards are also looking to hire many teachers who are certified to teach the following subjects: art, French, Special Ed., and music. Again, this would give me the advantage over other competing graduates looking for teaching positions.

Wages are also another factor that I consider when researching this career. High school teachers generally make a good income for themselves and are able to live a middle-class lifestyle. They also receive one of the best pensions and benefit plans because the teaching union is one of the best and well respected unions. Working conditions for teachers are generally good but can vary due to how well the individual is able to control their students. Some positive points about a teacher's working conditions are that they are able to work in an indoor environment, deal with fellow co-workers, and do not have to handle anything that is dangerous on the job. However, some teachers can have difficult working conditions because they are unable to control their students, and lack discipline on how to control the class.

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I aspire to become a certified high school music teacher because...