Teacher, Leader and a Friend

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Teacher, Leader and a Friend

It is hard to really know a person by the information given in their college application, most being filled with generic questions. That being said, outside of school you can find me in a number of places.

On the Softball field you can find me playing my heart out as if it is the last game I could ever play in. Softball has taught me to be a leader on and off the field. Most importantly, softball has educated me to be a role model to my teammates. I was taught that the hard work you put in at practice are the results you see at the final event. Without softball being there to push me, I don't think I would be the person I am today, a hard working and confident person always striving to be my best and working hard on any task that I am trying to complete.

While at work, the students at the After School Program call me teacher, where I help them with their spelling words or join in on a game of line tag. Everyday is a new day and a new opportunity to teach them something firsthand. Each day I watch every one of them grow and gain confidence. Getting told stories of their day and exciting things that happened at school assures me that I have earned their trust. At the end of the day when it is time for the kids to leave, when they turn around to give you a hug or to tell their parents that they don't want to leave, I know I have made a difference in that child's life. I am one positive influence in their life that could help that child become something great in the future.

Lastly, once...