A Teacher's Interview

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I feel that being a teacher requires lots of hard work and dedication both inside and outside of the classroom. Preparing the work that is going to be taught in school, is a difficult and time consuming task, that some teachers do not always take the appropriate time to do. Other tasks that teachers are faced with are deciding what is going to be taught, how it is going to be taught, what methods work, and what don?t. Teachers spend many off hours preparing what they believe is an effective education model. Preparation and implementation of that model are two of the most important things a teacher does.

In spending time with different teachers, both observing and talking with them, I have gained a pretty good idea of what is required of me to be an effective teacher. It seems like elementary teachers spend an average of three to four hours planning for each school day, and about an hour for each lesson.

I say elementary teachers, because in talking with some high school teachers, they explained to me that the need only make up one lesson to get them through each day, and that lesson is taught five times over. When I have had to do some lesson plan projects for school, I can personally say that they usually take me a couple of hours to do. I am sure this will get better with experience.

I also have found that it is important to think about any materials that would be needed for the lesson, keeping in mind how many students are in the class, the physical and mental abilities of the students, and how to present it to the class. A couple of teachers told me to always have a backup plan or some exercise that...