Teacher's notes on Past Tenses for those who learn English as a foreing language.

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What tenses are there in the English language?

1.Present Tense,

2.Past Tense,


4.Present Perfect Tense,

5.Past Perfect Tense, and

6.Future Perfect Tense.

Progressive (continuous) forms all contain present participles:

1.Present Progressive: I am working now.

2.Past Progressive: I was working yesterday.

3.Future Progressive: I will be working all day tomorrow.

4.Present Perfect Progressive: I have been working this morning.

5.Past Perfect Progressive: I had been working before he came in.

6.Future Perfect Progressive: This time next year I will have been working for two years.

A present participle is an -ing form used in compound verb forms (as shown above) or as an adjective (frightening story, grinding poverty, grueling work, et cetera).

What's a gerund?

Gerunds are nouns ending in -ing.

*Smoking is bad for your health.

*I have given up on doing this homework.

*My favourite activity is listening to the radio.

*Do you mind extinguishing that cigarette?

How do we distinguish between gerunds and present participles in the following situations?


*Running shoes

*Walking stick

*Dressing gown

*Running water

*Wedding ring

*Horrifying death

*Dashing young man

*Stirring sincerity

1.Gerunds answer to the question: "What's it for?"

2.Present Participles answer to the question: "What's it doing?"

What's a past participle?

A past participle is the third verb form, which can be regular (talk-talked-talked), in which case it ends in -ed, or irregular (speak-spoke-spoken). Past Participles are used:

*With "have" or "had" to form PERFECT TENSES:

oPresent Perfect: I have already talked with her this morning.

oPast Perfect: I had talked to her before she left the office.

*With "be" to form the PASSIVE:

oThe flight was delayed due to adverse weather conditions.

oThe door is locked and I can't come in.

*As adjectives:...