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"Teachers and Teachings" Teachers are the makers of the world. It's all in a teacher's hand to make a nation or to break a nation. The aim of any teacher is to being their children very successful in studies as well as in their life, which will enhance the future of the society and the nation. But somehow along in their way of bringing up their children, some teachers are forgetting that learning experience can also have a negative effect on children if its not been taught in the right the way. This unpleasant experience of learning can make a child hate learning for rest of their life. To avoid such dreadful situation kids should learn things without knowing the pain of learning. In order to apply such procedure in teaching, I have come up with four suggestions form my experience in the past, which I believe would help the students find more pleasure in their learning process. Playing games with assignments, making subjects sound more interesting, rewarding the child's effort, teaching kids to love reading are some of my suggestion to provide education in the fun way.

Playing games in the classroom can be a lot of fun. Everyone enjoys playing but not everyone enjoys doing his or her homework, which can be boring and tedious. If the homework were to play games then everyone would like to do their homework. This was my teacher Annie's conviction. When I was in 5th grade my English teacher Annie had a fun way of making us learn the questions in the back of each chapter. She found a game to play with our assignments which is similar to Holt's idea of playing a game called "˜Composition Derby' (pg. 461). After teaching each chapter my teacher would separate the whole...