Teachers: Love vs. Lazy

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What makes a teacher a loving, selfless model vs. a lazy, selfish hindrance, and does tenure have anything to do with it? In education there are two different kinds of teachers, one being an example of leadership and love, and the other an individuals that can?t teach or forgot how (or are too lazy) and should have chosen an alternate profession. The loving model teacher wakes up most days and looks forward to teach. The lazy teacher wakes up and wants nothing more then to go back to bed. How can we fix this problem and why does it happen? I believe that teachers are made not born (in class), however I feel someone can only learn so much without an extreme passion for the kids they teach. I feel this because without the passion a teacher will never become successful. For example imagine if a carpenter starts his business with just a hammer, he can only do so much, therefore threw out time he adds more and more tools until he has every tool possible to accomplish the tasks he desires.

Although the carpenter has the entire set of tools, if he lacks the motivation and the desire to use them he will never learn to make a single thing. The same with teaching, one can learn everything that there is to offer about teaching, but if they don?t have true passion for teaching they will never become successful.

So what makes a good teacher? In a survey given to 200 six-grade students at Edina South View Middle School the top 2 answers were a ?funny teacher? and ?a teacher that cares? they also said ?they don?t like when the teachers try to be too cool?. I find my answers to be similar. Growing up I can remember only...