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One of the most noble and respected professions one can adopt. Teaching is a process of constant learning and imparting knowledge. All good teachers agree that the main reason for entering this profession should be a desire to impart knowledge. Teachers are educators as well as advisers. They make a difference in the life and futures of students. How much interest a student develops in a subject, depends in a particular subject or field depends to a great extent on the teacher.

A Day In The Life Of A Teacher

A lot of us might think that working as a teacher is a pretty simple job. However this is not the case.

At school, usually beginning at 8 a.m., teachers must begin the difficult task of generating interest in their often sleepy students. A good sense of humor and the ability to think like their students help teachers captivate their students' attention.

Teachers have to generate interest in subjects that students often find tedious. A teacher's said her favorite aspect of teaching must also be its creative challenges.

There are also exams to prepare, invigilate and mark and quite often you will be expected to take on extra responsibilities such as helping with extra curricular activities.

There will be staff meetings and parents evenings. With so many changes to the curriculum being introduced and teachers' performance being monitored so closely, ongoing staff and professional development is very important requiring teachers to attend courses of training, many of which take place outside of normal school hours.

Pros And Cons


While teachers are imparting knowledge, during the process, they also learn a great deal. Therefore teaching is a process of constant learning.

Apart from medicine, teaching is considered one of the most respectable professions.

Unlike most other professions, teaching...