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Page 1 Teaching and Learning I found Parker J. Palmer?s ?Meeting for Learning? to be a jolting reminder of the importance of learning. The way in which teaching and learning gives the opportunity to dispense pensive analysis to an intelligent, yet critical, audience is a crucial component of the Quaker Society of Friend?s manner of teaching and learning. ?It is not only what the student hears but what the student says back that counts? (Palmer 2). Palmer has given me occasion to reacquaint my latent literary thirst with words and ideas that satisfy like cool spring water and awaken a sleeping literary curiosity that has been too long dormant deep within.

Learning is a process that has a recognizable beginning, but no true end. Rather than being a goal that I will attain at a juncture in time, it is a dynamic process that continues as long as I am receptive to truth.

?For we are strangers to each other and to ourselves?unable to reveal at any moment all that we hold within. When we meet to learn with the openness which we bring to a stranger, teaching and learning are enriched? (Palmer 3). As an example that I often encounter, I am too frequently referred to as being Black. Well, Black can mean many things. I have known Cubans that are as dark as I am. Would they be referred to as Black or Cuban? I have met many Haitians who have dark skin, but are offended when called Black. They will interrupt and correct me in mid-sentence when referred to as Black. This is like calling a Puerto Rican or Spaniard Hispanic. Hispanic can mean Honduran, Mexican, Guatemalan, or one of numerous ethnicities that speak Spanish as their first language. Black is a trite Page 2 blanket...