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A teacher's purpose must be to improve a player's game. A teacher more concerned with his profits probably won't give quality lessons. I believe in giving great lessons with the objective to create an outstanding reputation. Even if in the beginning small income is acquired, a good teacher is concerned with helping their students improve. Reputation is everything in the lesson industry. It advertises, getting the word out and creating more lessons with the ability to raise prices. In order to build a solid reputation, the teacher must follow a few guidelines. I believe the teacher should follow a general lesson plan for every student. There will be times students require straying from the plan, however most lessons can become routine. A teacher can reach success by developing a good teaching plan, communicating well and promoting their service effectively.

My teaching philosophy is to create a sound lesson plan in advance of the teaching season.

I believe this plan should include a check pointing period, an explaining period, and then focus on the improvement of the mental game. The check pointing period is an outline looking for fundamental errors. It starts with the most crucial components first. The teacher may begin with stance, grip, posture and alignment. More advanced players will require checking specific components such as swing plane, club angles, and body movement. A teacher can then become familiar with common mistakes made in each area.

After noticing problem areas in the swing, the teacher must decide how to fix them. Methods used in this process will often vary with a teacher's preferred style. Regardless of how they correct the flaw, it's very important the problem is explained to the student. By educating the students, they gain the ability to recognize the problem if it reoccurs.