Teaching With Love

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Teaching with love creates a great community in the future. ‎A community whose members and individuals love each other and ‎care about each other. When teachers show love to their ‎students this will help to improve the relationship between the ‎students and them. An ideal way to have teaching with love is to ‎have teachers who are friendly with their students, to be kind ‎and care about their students so as a result the students will also ‎love their teachers and feel secured and self confident. They will ‎express their opinions and share their ideas, thoughts and even ‎their private problems. The teachers should be open minded and ‎understanding and respecting the circumstances of each student ‎and be aware of the student's intelligence and social level. In ‎addition, teachers should be committed and knowledgeable in ‎their subject inorder to win their student's trust and also ‎inorder the students easily accept and follow whatever they say.

‎Finally, the results of teaching with love is to have students who ‎will love their subjects, teachers more and seek to learn more ‎about these subjects, they will also show more creativity, ‎involvement, and concentration in the class inorder to please the ‎teachers and themselves too. ‎