Teaching moral development to school children in the Caribbean

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Evaluating the idea of teaching moral development in the school is a good idea because in this world to day moral development is not prevalent, that is to say, there is no more respect, no more gratitude. Half the people in the world don't even no what is moral development! I know that is a bold statement to make but it is just my opinion of the matter.

Thesis statement: The role of religious instruction in our moral education syllabus is vital to the preservation of Christianity and its principles within Barbadian society.

What is moral development?

We can describe moral development as the process of learning to distinguish between right and wrong in accordance with the cultural values. It has evolved out of cognitive development and psychoanalytic studies and theories. Freud stated that the child learns from the same sex parent during the phallic stage. The super ego or moral judgement is formed when the child adheres to the guideline of the same sex parent.

The super-ego has two dimensions called conscience and ego ideal. The conscience identifies itself with children who do not do bad things, while the ego ideal concentrates on things, which good behaved children do. So we can safely say that when a child does something wrong he/she already knows within themselves that they have done wrong and are punishable.

Erickson almost shared the same view with Freud except that Erickson believed that the child learns moral rules from both of the parents while Freud believed only form the parent of the same sex of the child. Now in the Caribbean, children learn moral values from both parents so Erickson's theory is more prevalent.

Some Caribbean researchers have said that the child develops the feelings of shame, guilt and pride before the age of six.