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NBNC2504 (CP13) 870504305000

Lesson topic: Incentive Spirometry

Programme / Level of Student: Semester 2, Diploma In Nursing

Number / Name of Student:




Date / Time:

Venue: Classroom

Instructor / Lecturer / Teacher: Noorhaliza Bt Ali

Learning Objective:

By the end of the session, the student will be understand what the incentive spirometry are and reliably demonstrated the skill and procedure of Incentive spirometry.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this session, the student will be able to:

Understanding what the Incentive Spirometry are.

State the reason for use of Incentive Spirometry.

Demonstrate the proper way to use an incentive spirometry.

Assess on their own level of knowledge, regarding incentive spirometry use.

Redemonstrate the Incentive spirometry procedure.

Pre-requisite knowledge and skills: Personal Hygiene, Infection Control Aspect (The Proper of Hand Washing), Anatomy and physiology of respiratory system, Deep Breathing Exercises, etc.

Lesson Plan

Unit Name


Lesson Title

Incentive Spirometry

Lesson Author

Noorhaliza Bt Ali

Grade Level/

Subject Area

Student's Semester Two, Diploma In Nursing

Time allotted for lesson

15 minute

Short Description of Lesson

In this lesson session, all students will be learn about Incentive Spirometry theory and practical. The basic knowledge about Incentive Spirometry such as indications, contraindications and the procedure of intensive spirometry will be given. The preparation of the patient before the incentive spirometry procedure will be further explain to the student. The simulation on the proper using of incentive spirometry will be shows at the end of this session. The redemonstration of Incentive Spirometry will be done by student.

Classroom layout and grouping of students

Classroom Layout :

The theory session was conducted and delivered at the classroom. The room environment conditions is suitable such as silent and in a good air conditioners. All table and chair are organized. The white...