Teaching Profession Essay

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Teaching Profession Essay

There are many things to consider when pursuing a career in education particularly a teaching position. A profession such as teaching is not as prestigious as a doctor or lawyer, but can be just as rewarding. Without education there would be no doctors and lawyers or any professionals. As in any career there are pros and cons to be considered.

To the untrained eye it may seem very simple. Typically a school year lasts about 190 days, and the workday is about 7 hours. First year teachers find out that these hours are just a start, there is lesson planning, papers to grade and parents to meet with. There is no school on most major holidays with a generous break at Christmas and at springtime. There are delays and closings for fog and other inclement weather conditions and of course, the ever infamous, summers off! Generally health care and retirement benefits are particularly good for this field.

With the economy, new contracts are removing health benefits and this is for all professions, everyone is being affected. Of course, if you happen to be an elementary school teacher then you are extra fortunate because additionally you get awarded most days with extra hugs.

For those of us daring enough to pursue this career we know that there is more to it than what meets the eye. The actual paid school year is about 190 days (depending on your school or district) and the school day is only about 7 ½ hours long. However, there are many days and hours spent in preparation for that time in the classroom. Many of the days off from school are spent in additional training or additional schooling in order to stay on top of your chosen field or even just grading papers.