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The students I teach are all adults, they come from different backgrounds and have different skills and knowledge of first aid some have done it before and need an up date, some are completely new to the subject and need to know everything - the later are the best students because teaching these students is like "Writing on a blank piece of paper" there is nothing else on the paper to confuse your writing.

The task for this component is to: Construct a detailed evaluation scheme for a course I am teaching and:

a)Identify what I am trying to find out at each stage and why.

b)Discuss the reasons for your choice of methods

c)Devise the means by which you will elicit the information (e.g. draw up a questionnaire or a list of oral questions to be in discussions and include any questions or responses in your assignment.

d)Discuss the outcome of each exercise in terms of its effect on your course.

Definition: Evaluation and Assessment go hand in hand. Assessment is finding out how students are learning and progressing (for the tutor's benefit)

Evaluation is finding out to what extent the tutor is succeeding in producing an effective learning environment (or my employer the xxx college The xxx college evaluate because they want to:

·Assess value for money.

·Help them to improve training systems, provide procedures or delivery.

·Help to develop strategies for dealing with changing circumstances.

·Allow them selves to be more proactive and less reactive.

·Increase the potential for innovation, identifying new ideas and practices.

·Share information and good practice

·Congratulate a job well done.

If evaluation is to be effective it must lead to change. "Evaluation in adult & further education"

The importance of evaluation has always been a key topic for trainers that is...