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I was reading about team building and the five stages of group development and decided that since I was a Quality Teams Advisor for my organization a few years ago, when process action teams were the daily buzz-word, I would give you some information from my organizational quality team experiences that are still relevant in today's business environments. I further believe should be an instrumental part of this course study.

Team building is a vital part of every organization. When your leaders are enthusiastic about beginning the year, and your returning and newly recruited members are eager to contribute to the success of the organization, your organization is ready to begin. The manner in which you successfully channel this teams energy is important for the organization. Knowing the stages of group development coupled with team building processes can help point your group in the right direction. To build your group into a team and determine your team's goals you must begin by molding many diverse individuals into an effective cooperative team by sharing and agreeing on several commonalities.

Understanding the vision or goal and defining the team's objectives to achieve its vision or goals is the key to team building. Much of this information and appreciation will evolve naturally over time.

One of the most efficient and effective ways to build teams is to set aside a two or three hour block of time very early in the business year. A comfortable, informal environment works best - someone's living room, a carpeted meeting room where you can all sit on the floor, a quiet lounge with comfortable furniture. Make team building your only agenda item. Your task is to share information with and about each other (e.g., who you are, what you think about the organization, how you expect...