Team Communication

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Teams are an asset in the business world. When used to their greatest effectiveness, they can increase productivity more than any individual. They are also harmful in that if they are not built correctly then they can totally stop a project or cause it to linger passed a deadline. Team communication, therefore, is essential in all teams. There is generally agreement that effective communication in any group will only help the group rather than hinder it. "Most team breakdowns happen because of lack of communication; the team members are simply not listening to or respecting each other. (Stockdale, 2006). For this reason, presented are some ideas to consider when forming or working in group settings whether they involve school or work that can help the group or groups communicate more effectively.

First is the importance of defining the objective or goal of the project. Defining what is expected at the end of the project is basically the only way in which to start a project.

Whether there is a single, particular outcome that needs to be defined or a series of outcomes are possible, this information needs to be the ultimate focus of the team. Without this, there would be no way of knowing whether the group is focused. Staying focused is also a concept that needs to be evaluated throughout a project to keep everyone on the same track.

Secondly, it is necessary to define the rolls of all individuals in the group. In other words, who is responsible for doing what particular job to reach the desired goal. For this, after selection of a leader, the leader must first look at the strengths and weaknesses of all team members.

"Some people on your team will jump in more quickly than others. Know who they are and engage them...