Team Communication

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In today's work environment, people work in teams to accomplish tasks. I ask myself "what makes a good team?" Is it the number of people assigned to the team, or perhaps the skills and knowledge of each member? Or could it be the way the team is structured? While all these different things are important for a team to have in order to be considered an effective team, the one thing that will definitely make or break a team is the communication between its members. Throughout this paper, I will examine the many different aspects of teams with an emphasis on how communication can effectively allow a team to accomplish the tasks at hand.

At a very young age, people are encouraged through various methods to work as part of a team. Whether a sports team, classroom team, or after school club, working in teams and being taught the value of working together to accomplish a common goal is a valuable tool.

As one progresses through the various phases of school, middle school, high school and on to college, being able to work in a team becomes very important. By the time each of us reaches college, there have been many opportunities for us to work as part of a team to accomplish various tasks. This is all very beneficial to the individual student because once they are introduced into the business world, it becomes imperative to have a good understanding and ability to work with others in teams.

"Teambuilding has become a very popular concept over the last few years and many companies have jumped on the teambuilding bandwagon." (Temme & Katzel, 1995) With team building becomes the very important need of communication within the team. In order to have a successful team, each member must be able...