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What is Communication?When working in a team, communication can be the deciding factor for successfully accomplishing any task. A group's communication effectiveness is only as good as each member's ability to communicate effectively. This paper will discuss how to effectively build, enhance, and handle any dealing with team communication.

Building Team CommunicationBefore team members can effectively express their ideas with other teammates they must be able to build a certain level of trust. At any time, any team member can hold back their ideas or concerns about a particular situation because of lack of openness. To build openness within a team it is necessary that each team member is valued and has a specific contribution to the task at hand. When each member feels that he or she is a valuable part of the team and are needed to accomplish the goal, he or she is more likely to speak up and apply input into the discussion.

In addition to getting the shy members of the group to speak, the outgoing members must learn to listen. Communication is an exchange. Active listening at meetings leaves each team member with the feeling that he is important and has been heard. Active listening is rare and requires much discipline, but in can have a profound impact on communication in groups.

Benefits of Team CommunicationThe major benefit of team communication is that the best ideas and solutions are discovered by listening and interacting with several individuals. The saying, "Two heads are better than one" truly explains the benefits of team communication. That is definitely true when group members are communicating effectively. Technology has made team communication easier today than it ever was before. With the introduction of cellular phones, emails, instant messages, faxes, and conference calls, team members are able to communicate 24...