Team Creation

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A leader needs to form a matrix team. A matrix team includes work groups, cross-functional teams, task forces, problem solving teams, committees, and special project teams. Most of these teams are in small groups, such as departments, function or organizations. These teams will help to either solve problems or achieve goals. (Davenport & Prusak, 1998)Effective teams will have open-ended meetings and develop active problem-solving strategies that go beyond discussing, deciding, and delegating what to do; they do real work together. When necessary, individuals in a team will set aside their own work to assist other members of the team. In a well-functioning team, performance is based on an individual member's ability to influence other members, but rather is assessed directly by measuring the work products of the whole team. Rewards based on the whole team's effort help underscore the importance of team responsibility.

1. Establish objectives together: Define performance objectives with the team and make sure that all team members understand the objectives and what actions will be taken to achieve them.

2.Develop a participatory style: Encourage staff to suggest ways to improve services. Listen to their ideas and acknowledge their points of view. Encourage team members to discuss issues and to find solutions together.

3.Focus on contributions: Define objectives for having all team members actively contribute to the meeting. Introduce team members to the ways in which they can participate.

4.Organize meetings: Hold meetings with the whole team during supervisory visits. Discuss supervisory and clinic objectives and encourage the team to discuss their concerns.

5. Organize the team: Define roles and responsibilities together. If everyone has a clear role, individuals will be less likely to become frustrated and will be more willing to work together. Agree on whom will assume leadership roles for different team activities.