Team Diversity

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Team Diversity

Vanessa Armendariz, Francesca Brown, Cameron Reid,

Aprielle Salinas and Steve Simpson


November 3, 2014

Reginald Grigsby

Running head: TEAM DIVERSITY




Team Diversity

Team Diversity

High performance is a key focal point for numerous agencies and organizations in view of the fact that groups and teams are becoming common in many types of industries. A high level of performance builds up the foundation for groups/teams in the present day work force. The compilation of dexterity, wisdom, and skill that a group of diverse people can offer an organization exceeds the need for individuality in certain areas and work-loads. From problem solving to innovation, companies have put their faith in the high performance teams to help them become more efficient and accelerated. It is important for individuals to understand how a group of people can become a high performance team. Learning the impact that high performance teams have as well as the characteristics and behavior that they possess will help companies become more resourceful by utilizing and promoting a diverse team building atmosphere.

By understanding that dynamics of your team you will be able to capitalize on the skills that they bring and you will be able to build on a foundation that is made up of different bricks, but have the same goal of building a solid house.

While the dynamics of a group may change or vary the attributes of a successful high performance team or environment is unwavering. It is important to understand that many common issues can arise in any team or group situation. One must be open and willing to embrace change for the creative development of any team. Behind a successful team there are key elements that are prevalent. A high performance team needs a participative leadership, whether formal...