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As a team, we are aware of the term diversity, and how diversity is tied to our team's strategy. A good definition of diversity is the uniqueness each team member brings to the resolution of the project at hand. This includes differences such as race, gender, culture, background, education and thinking styles. It also encompasses subtle dimensions such as experience, sexual orientation, physical appearance, and position each member takes on the team. The key objectives that are focused on are team strategy, strategic intent, valuing each other, leadership diversity and what our team believes about diversity.

Diversity Positive/Negative Team Impacts.

We have found that we draw upon the creativity, views, and strengths of all team members. One way that this is achieved is through team strategy. This encompasses being a people-oriented, diverse, skilled, empowered, safe and healthy team. This also includes a team that is dedicated to having the highest integrity, and working together in a barrier-free environment.

Our team is committed to fostering an environment where all our members are able to feel confident that they can contribute and achieve to their highest potential, and be valued for the unique contribution they bring. To do so enables our team to work more effectively to anticipate and satisfy the needs of the assignments and maintain a quality oriented advantage. Diversity is not an initiative, it is not achieved by a number count; diversity takes hold through the collective behavior of all of us.

In addition, we recognize and respect our differences rather than ignore them. Each of us feels valued regardless of our differences. Feeling valued brings us closer together as a team. Collectively we are wiser and more creative than we are individually.

Greatest Impact on Team Effectiveness.

The four types of diversity that were identified as having the...