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This paper is to better explain some of different aspects of Computer and Information Processing. The accuracy of data input is very important. If the data is not properly inputted using the right software then the outcome will not be very efficient. The best method for inputting for a printed questionnaire would be using programs such as Acrobat to create forms for people to fill out. When it comes to telephone surveys a person giving the survey will phone the person that will take the survey. The survey giver will simply enter the answers in their proper place. The bank checks method that would be the best method will be MICR, which reads the numbers on the bottom of the checks. These numbers are the numbers that gives the one who is receiving the check all the banking information to receive the money for the check. The retail tags will use a POS input device that will use the bar code reader to scan the unit when it is purchase.

This will make it easier to keep up with inventory of how many units where sold and how many are still left. When it comes to long documents they will be inputted using a personal computer to create reports, manuals, and company policies.

Convenience and quality of the output is also very important. When it comes to hand held computers the most efficient way would be to use a Palm PDA device to enter information anywhere and at anytime. It’s a computer that is always at your finger tips. The color photograph that will be the best one used is the one that is one of the main companies, Kodak. They have a special printer that has a docking platform that fits the camera and prints directly to the printer. Using a inkjet printer will increase the output for a resume and also for memorandum. When it comes to memorandum it can also be sent via email using an outlook document. The statistical report and company annual report will be very similar in the way it can be best outputted by printer or email.

We will talk about the different storage devised used for the best situation. A hard disk gives the ability to save large amounts of data in a central location saved for a later time. A hard disk also saves documents and reports in a file for as long as they are needed. A floppy disk is used to save a small amount of information onto a outside source such as 3.5 floppy disk, thumb drive, or a jump drive. The RAM is a temporary memory that is always stored on the computer so that the computer can run more efficiently without having to need to stop and save information until the user is ready to be saved. CD ROM is a device that stores information on a disk or can also retrieve information from. CD ROM in many ways is like the floppy disk but has the ability to hold much more data. Data tape cartridge probable has the ability to hold the most data out of out CD ROM or a floppy disk.

Now we will discuss the role of some of these devices when it comes the speed of the computer. The higher the RAM the more applications that can be pulled up at the same time without adhering the computers speed. If the RAM is low the computer will run much slower then one with a higher RAM. Each computer produces a series of electronic pulses at a predetermined rate, which is called the clock speed, which affects machine cycle time. The data on the hard disk does not affect the speed of the computer a lot, only how much information can be stored. The CD ROM each has each own individual speed on each one. It is like buying a sports car, the more expensive the car the faster it can go. When it comes to the data on the floppy disk will also not affect the speed of the computer, only what is being loaded.

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