Team dynamics

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Team Dynamics

Today's gaining popularity of work groups in the workplace demands competent individuals that can demonstrate teamwork strategies in their job qualifications. The importance of teams has now become a crucial part in the way business operates in the twenty-first century. Any given team will consist of a diverse group of co-workers that will now share the responsibility in decision making, and are involved in problem solving processes as well as implementing the changes. The team's dynamics will consist of the selection of members and a leader that will promote team involvement and cooperation while providing the guidelines that will utilize the strengths most effectively within the team. The selected team will also be responsible in providing itself with the corrective properties of conflict resolution through team communication and decision making.

Effective teamwork begins with the collaboration of a variety of people from different disciplines. Each member has to convey courtesy to each of his teammates and respect the views of one another.

All participants must be willing to share their ideas, but remain open minded while listening to the others express their ideas and opinions even though they may be different from your own. An open minded teammate can effectively criticize, critique or expand through discussion the ideas or views that are presented. Aaron J. Nurick states (1993): The effectiveness of a project team also depends upon the members interpersonal competence (p.24): An examination of McGregor's (1960) and Likert's (1961) characteristics of effective work teams reveals the effective teams encourage free discussion, open disagreement, expression of feelings, mutual influence, and clear leadership (Dyer,1977). Although this passage may seem dated, it still applies today and is not easily accomplished. In order to achieve a given teams productive outcome, there has to be teammates that will raise questions regarding the...