Team Dynamics: Dealing with Conflict Resolution

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A team has to deal with conflict in order to function as a productive entity. This paper will deal with defining a team and explaining strategies to deal with conflict resolution. To start the analysis, the difference between a team and group needs to be addressed. Although a team is always a group of people, a group is not always a team. The main difference between a group and team, as defined by PMBOK® Guide: 2000 Edition, Is a group works independently without a common goal. A team is working for a common purpose and a common goal. Establishing set guidelines to deal with conflicts helps to promote the development of a team. The team must agree upon a common set of rules and consequences for specific actions in order to function as a team.

A team is formed to complete specific tasks and will develop different dynamics, depending on several factors.

Team Dynamics is recognized by understanding the forces that shape team behavior. (1995 Team Technology) Some of the forces to look at are personality types, office lay out, team roles, technology used, office culture and problem solving methodology. (1995, Team Technology) A team that works well together can be identified by understanding the various forces involved and defining if the team is working toward the same goal. The relationships need to be constructive within the group to achieve that goal. Conflicts can have a very negative impact on the performance of the team. The members must understand sources of conflict and be able to resolve any problems before they become destructive to the productivity of the team. A team charter can be completed as one tool for solving conflict. The charter will include the proper conduct of team members, attendance requirements, deadlines, and consequences that will be...