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Reflection Assignment #2:

Zuoshijia Zhao

Reflecting back on my resume assignment, I found it to be helpful and a great way to put all of my experiences into a productive assignment. Firstly, I understood that when I began applying for jobs, a resume and cover letter is often used to show that I possess specific skills and an interest in a particular job or position, as well as allowing me a way to showcase my strengths. In addition, I realized that both a resume and a cover letter are types of writing that initially may seem simple enough to compose, but in fact these documents require much time and thought. Before writing my cover letter, I spent much time on researching the company that I am applying to. Also, after I finished my resume, I went to the writing workshop more than three times to edit it in order to make it as attractive as it possible.

Thirdly, I challenged myself to dig into my resume as deeply as possible and unpack every detail to develop satisfying content. Moreover, the process of creating a resume and cover letter enabled me to learn about my unique strengths, as well as weaknesses and how to convey my strengths to a hiring manager. Overall, the resume and cover letter assignment helped me better understand how to represent my skills, including my academic and professional literacies in a career-specific setting. In addition, I learned to consider questions of audience and purpose and how to understand what future employers may be looking for.

My elevator speech challenged me to get my ideas across in a few seconds, and showed me that it can be stressful and difficult. However, since I have practiced a lot speaking in front of other people, I have improved...