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I am a new supervisor of a group of employees whose productivity and interest level are not on par with what is expected of them. I want you to take an open-minded look at what I propose will help this organization effectively manage the change in leadership as well as achieve the highest levels of customer service and productivity. My goal for this organization is to gain the commitment of people at all levels of management, help them develop there potential and enable the organization to achieve increasing and ongoing efficiency and effectiveness. We will do this by focusing on three key areas: people, performance, and potential.

Most importantly, our first area is that involving people. Obviously without you working here, we could not maintain our level of productivity and customer service. Every employee is instrumental to keeping this organization in business. No one person is independent from another; we all depend on each other and will work together as a team.

In order to gain the commitment of people at all levels of management and employees, you are empowered to take initiatives to learn from both success and failure. This is a journey of discovery that never ends. We must constantly seek to improve our approach to become a unified committed team capable of great success.

Performance is nothing more than achieving results through people. Individuals must be a part of a motivated team capable excelling in their duties and performance. Each person must be proficient in developing their job skills to optimize efficiency and output. To do this, I must consistently reward employees who achieve or excel in their job and hold people accountable to an acceptable standard. You must be goal oriented to develop our business's true potential.

The last item I wish to address is...