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Nowadays, organizations have been striving to reach success, and many of them organize work around specific types of cooperation teams.

I was invited to work in some leading company and there are the most up-to-date and unique innovations of management are used. In order to increase productivity of work process, way of doing business company's top managers implement empowered teams technique.

Our company is Kazakhstan leading communication operator Kazakhtelecom. I am working in marketing department, my business is to create effective message about new services and to deliver this message to our potential customers.

Last month chief executive officer of company gives us task to create new advertising campaign which will be devoted to new service transferring voice calls to foreign countries through internet channels. It is completely new types of service for Kazakhstani people, so special team must be formed to solve out the most appropriate way to increase customer awareness.

Chief of marketing department was set as a team leader; he set priorities and goals of new campaign to increase awareness and to increase sales of new service. Also he selected one specialist from various department: financial, marketing, IT department, logistics

to have better view on the point of campaign. Another words work team was formed, which must concern with work done by the parent organization, also our team is cross functional, because it includes people from different specialty areas within the organization, each of them can contribute his or her skills, experience and knowledge and summarizing all of these data, team do it's business in quick way.

Team leader set time one month to complete our task so our team is temporary, because it was established for a specific project with a finite life.

Our team receives managerial support with all necessary material and capital budgeting; all...