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1. Do you think it's possible to help this team achieve its goals? Explain.

Bringing specialists from different departments together and working on common solution to the problem can be very difficult and if mishandled it can alienate people instead of helping them in handling their obstacle. Especially it is problematic when we need to find those who are responsible for creating problems and we need their commitments to improvement process. Nobody wants to voluntarily take blame for delays, quality problems, or customer's dissatisfaction. Everyone would like to be seen as hard working, knowledgeable, and dedicated professional who contributes to final results and ads value to the company's outcome. Therefore when we need to identify what is the reason for our problem we need to focus on problem and avoid personals issues. Team from our case has already came to some conclusions and that is very optimistic sign. Now, they need to move on to the next step that would be dedicated to finding solution. I definitely believe that there is a chance to solve their problem and achieve their goals. They have already gathered as well as they have faced reality. We can expect that they are genuinely interested in finding solution. It is however up to them if they follow guidelines for constructive discussion or they will try to blame each other to make they departments look good.

2. As a facilitator, what specific things would you do and say to ensure an effective process? Why?

First, I would establish rules and make sure that we agree on process (deJanasz, 2002, p.422). I would invite everyone to sincere and open discussion that would result in effective solution. I would insure everyone that I will give everyone enough attention to explain his position as...