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The 2004 edition of the Merriam Webster dictionary defines teamwork as the work or activity of a number of persons acting in close association as members of a unit; but teamwork is more than just that. A recent article from states that the purpose of assembling a team is to accomplish an even larger goal than an individual working alone.

Communication is the key to any well-operating team. Just as the captain of a plane must stay in constant communication with his co-pilot and the other members of his staff to keep everyone safe, members of a team should communicate every aspect of a project with each other. This way everyone stays involved and all requirements of the project are being fulfilled. During the initial brainstorming of ideas in any project all team member should speak up and communicate any ideas, opinions, or disagreement they may have. Communication is also listening.

Members of a team should respectfully listen to even the most unconventional ideas; although a member may not have given the best idea it could spark an idea in someone else.

Commitment and dedication are also a very important factor in a team. When a person joins a sports team, such as basketball, he or she is committed to the coach and every member of that team. If one person of that team were to slack off or not practice to their fullest the team as a whole is greatly effected. When someone accepts the responsibility of being a part of a team they also accept a commitment to their self, to the team, and to put their best efforts into getting the any and all tasks done efficiently. Punctuality is a large part of commitment as well. By that I don't just mean coming to meetings on...