Teamwork: A guide to team building

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Table of contentsWork groups: why do we need them?Team BuildingMotivationFollow up and evaluationsSome of my concernsProblem solving Game timePart 1: Workgroups: Why do we need them?In today's quickly maturing world, a company may find itself needing an advantage to getthe job done teamwork can help to do this you can find newer, fresher ideas when youhave a well planned out work group according to (1) Leonard and Hilgert, in the book,Supervision; concepts and practices of management, we need groups and teams because itbuilds a sense of belonging and relationships amongst peers, People can use the exampleof others in their group to learn how to behave in the workplace, the team can problemsolve together, and people like the sense of protection the group provides from outsidepressures like management and supervisors because a group usually has a commonboss.(pg.448) Teams are needed when a project or problem needs to be taken care of andan individual cannot handle the problem by his or herself.

Part 2: Team buildingAccording to (2) in its simplest terms, the stages involved in teambuilding are: To clarify the team goals, to identify those issues which inhibit the team fromreaching their goals to address those issues, remove the inhibitors and enable the goals tobe achieved(3)James P. Lewis tells us in How to build and Manage a Winning Project Team, that thedefinition of a team is a group of people that are committed to the attainment of acommon objective, who work well together and enjoy doing so, and who produce highquality results.(pg.5) Lewis also tells us that teams don't just happen they are built. Teambuilding is the process of deliberately creating a team from a newly formed or existinggroup of people. In order to create an effective and productive team you have to makesure that everyone chosen...