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Technology Literacy Skills November 3, 2011

Technology in Learning

This is the 21st century. Not only does technology play a huge part in our daily, at-home lives, it is beginning to play a role in our lives at school. Technology in education is a very important topic I think administrators across the country should really consider. For us kids now, technology is like second nature. Incorporating it into education would be awesome! We'd feel more engaged and comfortable with material. In this paper, the three technologies I will be writing about will be the iPad, the interactive whiteboard (or SmartBoard), and the document camera. First, I'm going to talk about the iPad. The iPad is a wonderful, relatively new technology. Many families around the world are proud owners of one of these ground-breaking devices. From the outside, an iPad appears to be a simple, touch-screen tablet. However, it contains the key to an extraordinary, interactive, and unique learning experience.

Downloading apps on the iPad is simple as anything. Plus, the iPad has very many apps that are helpful to learning. Apps as simple as the camera/ video camera are used to record labs in science or record a lesson, to apps as complex as TaptoTalk, an app that will speak for a student and submit answers and questions to a teacher. According to an article I read, that is mainly used among high school and middle school students. Also, iPads can be used as Ereaders. In other words, another one of an iPad's functions gives the user the ability to read books and/or articles straight from the device.

One of the main ways the iPad can enhance student learning is just by being a very popular device that any student would love to get their hands on. It would...