Is technical competence enough?

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In today's networking environment, one of the factors for career success is one's interpersonal skills, regardless of one's profession or qualifications. In reality, there are cases that technically qualified staff cannot climb higher in their career ladder because of lack in good communication and interpersonal skills.


The case happened at A&J Bank. Ken Barton was a new employee, whose title is bank economist. Beginning at this new employment, Barton was introduced to James Spinner, a technical guy, who would help Barton in the computer systems for his information analysis in the project. Spinner had unpleasant behaviors towards Barton the first time they met. He had inappropriate comments on Barton and even on other staff of the bank. However, Barton then realized that Spinner could become great potential technical support for his project. Barton found that Spinner's bad behaviors were because of his poor interpersonal skills.

Barton contacted an excellent student named Jan Lavensky recommended by a university, to help him with the graphics in his project. Despite the demonstrated talent of this student, the bank did not let him go to work with Barton in the bank. He was hired to work with Barton outside the bank.

Since Barton had difficulty with commuting from his place to work on time due to traffic jam, he suggested to his boss, Bob Arnold and to the president, John Kingston, a flexible working time table from 7am to 3pm, instead of 9am to 6pm as normal. The suggestion was approved. With this new time table, Barton felt pleasant not having to meet Spinner in the early 2 hours every day. He began to communicate with Spinner via memos and notes. This way had been effective for Barton's work because a confrontation with...