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The Kaminari Kickboxing Gym is located at Musashi Murayama, which is a place where people go to train. There are high numbers of people who utilize the gym for an assortment of reasons: train to become a better fighter, train to lose weight, or train for the adrenaline rush. The kickboxing gym is a one-story building, which is located in a local neighborhood. Inside the gym is one room, 20 feet wide and 25 feet long, with mirrors all along the walls. The kickboxing gym consists of two major areas: (a) there are punching bags located on the left side of the gym and (b) the kickboxing ring, located in the middle of the gym.

There are three different punching bags located in the gym; each punching bag is designed to perfect a different technique The punching bag on the left is 6 feet long hanging down to the ground and weighs 100 kg, this is used to simulate attacking the whole body.

The punching bag in the middle hangs down 4 feet and weighs 50 pounds, this one is used to simulate attacking the upper body. The punching bag on the right is 1 foot hanging from the top and weighs 10 pounds, this is used to simulate attacking the head.

The kickboxing ring is a 24 square foot ring, which takes up the majority of the gym. The ring is square shaped and has three parallel ropes that wrap around all four corners. The color of the ring floor is red and the ropes are white. There is extra padding in the ring to protect people when they hit the ground.