Techniques Used to shape meaning & effect response in The Magdalene Sisters. NOTE: Me and my teacher created this as a STUDY GUIDE. To help me in the upcomming HSC...

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1.Shot types. (Use in conjunction with Values & Beliefs Of the Other texts)

Peter Mullan makes frequent use of both close up & extreme close up. In order to communicate to the audience the intense emotional experiences of the 3 main characters. A good example of the camera at close rang is the scene where Bernadette protests against having her hair cut off as a punishment for resisting the authority of sisters Bridget. At the close up of the scene where Bernadette eyes are seen in extreme close up. They communicate a sense of despair. The camera tracks out to close up to reveal the extent of the injuries to her face a head. The effect on the audience is one of shock and empathy with Bernadette protest against a repressive and cruel institution.

2.Motifs. (Use in conjunction with the escape attempt in This and the other texts)

The motifs of the key is a rewriting image in the film.

Its effectively symbolizes not only the imprisonment of the girls but also the quest for freedom. In the final scene of the film an extreme close up shot of the key is used to create tension in the audience who support the girls protest against the institution & hope they escape. Visual Image in the film powerfully represent the individual experience of young offenders against a harsh and puncture moral system.