Technological Advances

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Technological Advances

Each year we attempt to provide an unbiased view of where we think the computer industry is headed over the next few months to years. We are very fortunate to be in an era where picking the "right" computer is as easy as pointing. Even the lowest -end computers that you can purchase at the local office supply store provide more information than even the most moderate user may need. There are many things that are available today that were once option such as CD ROM drives, sound drives, and network cards, which are now basic features. Intel delivers innovation through rigorous research and development programs and supports emerging technologies and new technology uses with industry leadership and developer support. "Given the rate at which computer hardware and software is changing, it is often recommended that a plan and budget is developed for each department that consists of upgrading or replacing one third of the existing computers each year.

A plan such as this should provide the appropriate level of computer technology to accommodate future computing needs to avoid obsolescence." (

The integration of new services such as the i2050 Software phone would be a good investment to ensure powerful real time communication and collaboration. The i2050 Software Phone allows you to conduct real time communication via your PC but still managing to operate with same ease as the traditional telephone. Once the software has been loaded into your computer your desktop becomes a full-featured telephony platform.

When taking operating systems into consideration, although not well now there are possibilities other than Windows out there.

Linux Operating System Linux is an operating system that was initially created as a hobby by a young student, Linus Torvalds, at the University of Helsinki in Finland. Linus had an interest...