Technological Advances in the Entertainment Industry during the 20th Century

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Since the beginning of time, people have amused themselves through various forms of entertainment. These may have consisted of telling stories such as a famous hunt, playing primitive forms of instruments such as animal hide drums, singing, dancing around a fire, acting, and participating in various forms of sports. These sports may have been hunting, running, canoeing, and some other sports similar to what we play today. As time progressed, however, people stopped following herds and, instead, began to settle down to live more peaceful lives. Humans had more time to spend learning, researching, and relaxing. With many inventions and discoveries such as the invention of the abacus, and discovery of how some materials are better than others for certain jobs, massive structures and magnificent inventions were made.

By 1 AD, there were giant coliseums, huge aqueducts, and a well built society. People were going to schools. They studied art, poetry, literature, and dramatic arts.

The Library of Alexandria served as an important location for discoveries. As time progressed society became more sophisticated in the way they lived. By 1000 AD paper was widely used and empires were being built. In the early 1400's a major invention, the printing press, was invented. This gave people an immediate ability to gain access to books and entertain themselves. By the 1700's, people had mechanical devices, advanced printing presses, giant ships, colossal buildings, and many well educated scholars.

After the civil war, inventions flourished like never before. After Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb, electronic inventions began to flourish. Thomas Edison was probably one of the major inventors to start the technology boom. His phonograph was the first form of music that could be played at home. The phonograph cost between ten and fifty dollars in that day. Ten dollars was a...