Technological Changes in Video Games

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The world of video games has changed drastically since its launch 30 years ago thanks to some classic video games such as Asteroids, Donkey Kong, and Pac-Man. The change from board games to videogame was powerful, it was fundamental; it did more than just change people expectation of what it meant to have fun, it changed societies, it changed many culture and it birthed this gaming industry. Since the early 1980s, this electronic entertainment means has emerged as a cultural trend throughout the world. Advances in technology are making games more realistic and interactive to play with rather than before. As console gaming and PC gamings are being evermore entangled via the internet and electronic technologies in general are starting to captivate gamers across the world. A sense of more realistic and lifelike games has emerged as the trend starting to and will continue to take part into the future.

This essay will discuss in depth focusing about the technology of video game in the past, present and future. Also issues related to them will be further described.

Video Games

A video game is a game that's played using an electronic device with a visual display.

Often the display is a separate television. Once, video game consoles were easily distinguishable from personal computers: consoles used a standard television for display, and did not support standard PC accessories such as keyboards or modems The console market has steadily developed from simple games to fully featured general purpose games systems.

Older game consoles and their software are able to be played now using emulators software since the old video console were no longer produced by the manufacturer.

Just to be clear from the start that video games are no panacea. Unlike books and movies, they can't be used in anti-social...