Technologies not only influence but actually determine social customs and ethics.

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Social custom and ethics are the foundation of society. Ethic and custom can be defined as individual behaviors, moral value and traditions. The change in the ethic and their re-interpretation take place when tradition customs or behaviors are influenced by the new technology development.

If we take an example of ancient time when society is static, the values are confide, usually in terms of religious or tradition, then ethic of individuals were strong and they were not change for centuries.

But as the scientific and industrial development began, society influenced by the changes around them which gave birth to new custom and ethic in human mind.

For example due the development of new and powerful weapons give strength to the people. Competition among various countries for becoming more powerful than rest of the countries in term of weapon force is degrading their moral and ethic values. They are not thinking about the consequences of the weapon forces and just for their sake they are doing new development in this area.

The best example is the nuclear weapon. The destructive power of t nuclear weapons is far greater than the weapons used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The use of nuclear weapons today could have devastating consequences for humanity and the environment, not only in the country attacked but in neutral countries and in an attacking country as well.

New product development also had incredible social impact. Job displacement and loss of privacy are the two examples of social consequences. New technology also impacts a society's belief system about things like the nature of human beings or the meaning of motherhood. It can have far-reaching effects on our legal system. The best example is illegal attacking on the internet and getting information. Human mind are very destructive and it can...