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What is technology? If you ask me what technology is, I can¡¯t precisely point out what it really means. Each person has different ideas and opinions of what technology is. Most people think that the technology has to do something with computer because everything we use is becoming convenience and mechanize. People actually don¡¯t have to waste time on manufacturing any kind of products. Almost 100 people were divided into each section to work on their parts in order to manufacture one car. On the other hand, technology has been developed and people don¡¯t have to use their hands anymore. Due to this problem, people start losing their jobs, and there is no need for using people.

Technology can be defined in various ways. The dictionary defines the technology as the application of science, especially to industrial or commercial objectives and the scientific method and material used to achieve a commercial or industrial objective.

It also defines technology as Electronic or digital products and systems considered as a group. But I believe that there are more factors to the definition of technology. As it can be define as high technologies such as transportations, computers, and communications, it can also define low technology that does not involve highly advanced or specialized systems or devices.

Technology is development of machineries and is very useful in everyone¡¯s daily life. Computer is the one of the good example of explaining why people think that definition of technology is limited to high tech computer equipment. Computer is the most common technology that is around us and we see it all the time. It is used by the majority of the public and anyone could simply have access to the computer. Its usage is simple and convenient. Many people believe that the only way our society...