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Communication and Technology

by Jun Song

Course name: Globalization and Internat Affirs

Student name: Jun Song

With the development of economy, smart-phones are becoming a considerable part of our lives. In other words, we can't imagine the life which without smart-phones. Nowadays smart-phones play an increasingly important role in all aspects of human life. In modern society, smart-phones are not only a communication tool, but also a kind of daily necessity. As a matter of fact, smart-phones make our lives more convenient. On the contrary, they cause many troubles. Obviously, smart-phones have their merits and demerits, we should take effective measure to exploit to the full one's favorable conditions avoid unfavorable ones, since we try to take the essence and discard the dregs of smart-phones, we'd better to make full use of the advantage of smart-phones.

In the past, after travelers arrived in an unacquainted city, they always got lost, so they had to follow a map to find the right way.

Now, we can use the Google maps app, because the Google maps makes navigating our lives easier, it helps us to find the best spot in an unfamiliar city and offers any information we need. As the Google map of phone version is more and more widely used, when we are driving, biking and walking, Google maps can be a voice-guided GPS. In addition, Google maps offers live traffic conditions, so we can manage our schedules before we left home. Furthermore, after we set a destination, this app gives us some different plans for our traveling, and then recommends the best route for us immediately, so we just need to follow the voice navigation. In a word, we are able to go the right way easily, because we know our location clearly (

After "Skype" was invented, we...