Technology and Communications advancements in Australia during the post-war era

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Research Question: - Describe how advances in communications or technology shaped Australia's post-war culture.

Technology and Communications have revolutionised the way that Australia operates. As a result of the post-war era, the Australian public had more access to new technology than ever before, linking it with other countries all around the world. New technologies such as Television, Satellites and new postal services linked the East of Australia with the West and enabled Australia to grow as a country.

The Australian Postal Service

The telex was an electric typewriter that delivered typed messages along telegraph lines. This new technology meant that the public didn't have to wait long periods for mail. It was also faster and less expensive than older telegram systems, making it a great convenience for businesses with busy schedules. The Australian postal service revolutionised the way Australian businesses connect and communicate.

A Teletype Model 32 used for Telex service.