Technology and its advantages"

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Since the Industrial Revolution, technology has served as a tool to improve the standard of living in most countries. We receive a lot of benefits from modern technology in everyday life. The benefit can be so great that you notice it, or something small you can take for granted. Modern technology has solved many problems that people face and play an important role in the development of many countries. Modern technologies create many kinds of products and also a heated controversy. Computers, cloning technology, and video games are some of these technologies.

Joshua Quittner writes about the benefits and problems of computer technology in his essay "Invasion of Privacy" (353). He demonstrates how useful computers are and also how to eliminate problems related to computer use. He insists that the benefits of electronic technologies are worth to the risk of being deprived of his privacy (Quittner 356). In fact, electronic technologies seem almost inevitable in today's society.

Other technologies have also contributed to solve other problems as well. For instance, Lee M. Silver states that cloning is a proper operation under the right procedure (364). Although he points out that it will be disastrous if cloning operations are used abusively, he stresses in his essay "Jennifer and Rachel" that cloning is beneficial for a person who wants to have a child but has problems conceiving one (Silver 363).

In "When life imitates video," John Leo maintains that violent games reflect recent cruel crimes (360). Because of this, some people are very cautious about the use of those advanced technologies and stressing the drawbacks of them. Most of the drawbacks are preventable with the right education and legal restrictions. Moreover, modern technology becomes not just beneficial but almost essential in recent society because of its great advantages. Providing our...