Technology and Management Functions

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University of PhoenixTEC401 Human Factors in TechnologyBSABOBHEIO TEC/401July 27, 2009Technology is a growing field in today's society. Organizations today can not function at a faster pace without technology. Today in this paper the focus will be on "Technology and Management Functions." In this paper how management at Valero expects technology to improve business. How Valero's current technology is meeting business needs will be discussed. First an explanation of what technology is will be discussed as well as information on the organization Valero Energy Corp.

Technology"Technology is the process by which humans modify nature to meet their needs and wants." (The National Academy of Sciences, 2009) Technology is that which is used to carry out plans or gather resources. The product of science and engineering is called technology so therefore engineering and science is included in technology. (Anissimov, M., 2003-2009) Technology is beneficial for everyone, and can be used anywhere, especially those who are unable to see well.

With technology an individual having trouble with their sight can transfer information from one computer to the next without have to use brail.

ValeroValero formally known as Diamond Shamrock, Ultramar, Stop-N-Go, Shamrock, Corner Store, and Beacon, is the world's largest oil refinery and retail store. The organization strives to provide its customers with quality products that are safe for not only the consumer but also the environment. Valero has increased their production as well as grown. The organization strives to reduce emission and do their best to invest in the type of gasoline that is cleaner. (Valero Marketing and Supply Company, 2009) Valero have invested in the latest technology and alternative energy. (Valero Marketing and Supply Company, 2009) Valero has 18 refineries in North America. The refineries produce over a couple of million barrels of crude oil within a days' time.