Technology and the Society

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In the present day, technologies are often utilized among people. However, do humans truly understand their characteristics and aspects? Due to the past advancements in technologies, the daily lives of humans have become more accommodating. Without the comforts of technologies, most people today would have no idea on how to survive. Within this time period, there have been many technologies developments: communication, transportation and machinery have given mankind the ability to live longer and more efficiently. Conversely, along with the benefits of technologies, they also pose negative side-effects. Although technologies supply positive features for man, the negative factors from technological advances such as telecommunications, automobiles and computers have caused more problems than expected.

Progress is predictable. Without it, nothing can continue or improve. Mankind would not be what they are today without changes. Technological developments have not merely been involved with the communicational or mechanical characteristics. From the past days of human civilization to high-speed Internet of today, society has always been inspired to make things better.

Aldo Leopold explained this best as he mentioned how man works for the necessities in life such as "safety, prosperity, comfort, long life, and dullness" (Leopold 680). Trying to achieve all these features are nice, but are all these truly necessary? Is there a limit to how much progression can do for people? With the new technologies that presently exist, it seems as if those comforts of life and captivating machines have blinded people from realizing the consequences.

Before the existence of telephones, people had to write letters or meet the person in order to communicate with others. True enough, there are great benefits when one is able to simply dial a number and call someone, but it makes it rather impersonal. Lack of physical interaction has sufficiently cause people to forget and...