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What are the most important features of modern ICT in terms of communication in organizations?

How well is ICT used in your organization? Is the organization taking advantage of all the features now available through developments such as the Internet?

What developments in computer power will have most impact on your organization over the next ten years?

In my case assignment, I will be talking about how information communication technology is used in some organizations. As technology if moving faster than expected due to software and hardware being upgraded almost every six months has a huge impact on some companies trying to keep up with new technology. Some companies might find out that in the upcoming years to be an effective business the company has to keep up with the new technology being released as hand writing messages will more than likely not be used in the future. As of today, most companies use email to pass information between each other.

A business should also ensure training is done with operators to ensure the business is running smoothly on a day to day basis.

As we look back in history, we find out that messaging between companies was morein the company rather than using a courier to deliver a message. Today we find out that information and communication technology is widely spread out within different companies to enhance the business and become more efficient on a daily basis. Using email to communicate within a company may use different types of media to send and receive information pertinent to the company. As people communicate to computers, so do computers communicate to people, as well computers communicating to each other through a network. In today eras a business world globalizes around the world making the internet grow rapidly. Information computer and...