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Which applies to your company. Explain carefully.

Why does/would/wouldn't web conferencing work?

In our organization technology and communication is very broad due to the different units in the military service use different methods to run the business in their workplace. In my organization the communications there are different methods we use to run daily business using web conferencing work. I will discuss what works and what does not work when using web conferencing.

In our unit web conferencing is becoming a big part of our organization to communicate to distant persons to ensure all are on track with the discussions. I have learned that web conferencing is becoming big that when our unit has an exercise from distance technology becomes a big part in our daily use to have communications with other sources supporting use wherever we go. Whether its using a teleconference, audio or chat, it is very critical for each section in our unit to maintain communications with their counterparts to keep our unit flowing smooth.

The computers, satellites, phones are one of our main key components we use to establish communications to distant parts of the world. There are two different methods we use to establish a conference with other unit which is, gathering the personnel in a conference tent to ensure everyone is tracking the information being disseminated from higher headquarters to keep the mission going. This is one of the best ways to communicate to Personnel in our unit as the main head key person gets the information coming from our boss and takes the information back to their unit to pass on to their soldiers. This is the boss preferred method to use to communicate directly to leaders. Another way of communicating we use is video/audio over TCPIP which we either host a conference...