Technology Corrupting Society: Humanity's Scapegoat

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Technology and Morality Essay

Technology Corrupting Society: Humanity's Scapegoat

Morality is the quality of being concerned with the judgment or instruction of goodness or badness of character and behavior. Although this may be the actual "broad" definition, societal interpretation of the word seems to be more vague, and precise, yet not accurate. Society has clearly set standards for what is morally right and wrong. Most of these standards are completely based off of ethics, religion, and what the world deems as virtuous. Society now claims that technology is corrupting the minds of people; that technology is opposing moral principles and certain religious and ethical precepts. This is, in fact, a fallacy, or rather a scapegoat. Technology is being used as an excuse to conceal specific weaknesses, which humanity has yet to attain. These weaknesses are a lack of control and organization.

Society is merely trying to find someone or something blameworthy of its faults. It just so happens that technology is one of its victims. Medical technology (or biotechnology), and video games are examples of scapegoats utilized by society to explain why humanity has a difficult time upholding its morals.

Although biotechnology has provided the world with many benefits, it is still regarded as being impure. For instance, "even though medical advances have knocked out killers such as polio, tuberculosis, and scarlet and other fevers, we react with alarm when considering the possible applications of genetic engineering," (Swan, p. 6, 2008). From there, society's concern expands to question the morality of medical technology in general. Thus, the need for a wall to be built around all technology as something to be contained is essential, before it gets out of hand. Society tends to blame medicine and biotechnology for...