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Basic Concept of Information Technology


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Developing understanding of basic information technology concepts and apply it to analysis an organization.


Aishath Niyaasha


Hussain Yoosuf


Ali Naseer Abdul Raheem


Fazeela Abdul Gafoor


BEEA 11 & 12

14th february 2013



History of ICT development

Raa Atoll Education centre or RAEC was opened in 1983. Since then as the central education unit for the atoll, it has show tremendous improvement on ICT development. Like most of other school in Maldives, when RAEC was first opened, there were no computers at all. From the day it was opened until 2000 teachers and other staffs did most of the works manually. But gradually Information Technology was introduced and developed. As a result of that today the school is recognized as one of the most informational technologically upgraded schools in Maldives. Going back to the history, as mentioned earlier, RAEC also did not had much of IT resources when it started in 1983.

During the early 90's, the first computer was brought and this was kept and used only for school office purposes. There was only one printer and one photocopy machine until late nineties. This printing machine was also used in the school office and due to lack of resources teachers or other staffs were not allowed to use it without the permission of the person who was assigned to operate it. If anyone wants to take a print out, they have to go and ask from this person. There will be no way to get it done, if that person was not available around.

During the days early at 2000, more computer systems were brought and there were one system for every two Leading Teacher (supervisors then). During the same days, computer systems were made...